Cold-Hearted Bastard

So my daughter came to visit for the weekend. She's 6 years old. She says "Daddy, sometimes I hear Mommy talking to her friend about you and she says....'He's just a cold-hearted bastard' Daddy what does that mean? Is it that you're like Elsa in Frozen? Hey I know what Daddy! You can just sing 'Let it Go' and everything will melt and be pretty and green for you!" Then she starts singing...(he mimics in falsetto) "Let it Go! Let it Go!"

Geez you damn women. Always thinking your LOVE can melt our hearts. "That's the Power of Love" (mimics Huey Lewis song) This didn't happen overnight you know. (taps frozen heart) This started when I was little... back when - (stops himself)-Eh---- we're not gonna talk about that. We're just gonna LET IT GO! --- pun intended, HA. Yeh, you think you can warm my heart. The thing is, I know what happens if this all melts. You end up in a puddle on the floor with people stepping on ya. Nope. That's not gonna happen. (melodramatically sings the Foreigner song) "You're as cold as're willing to sacrifice our love".....

Cold 1
Cold 2
Cold 3