Moth-Eaten Heart

The cool stuff was fun and made for a great life. You all loved me then - my boat, my big parties. But it's too late now, you're all gone, and I'm about to blow away.

When we built our house in the Governor's Club, I was involved in designing every inch of it! It was MY vision! We had Carrera marble counters, and back when EVERYBODY was doing oak hardwood floors, I had Brazilian cherry. I imported hand-carved stone fireplaces from Tuscany. I'm telling you it was the best house in the Governor's Club. We had fabulous parties & EVERYBODY came. I had the BEST caterer, and I wouldn't give out her name to ANYONE! She was MY secret weapon. That was how I had the best parties in the Governor's Club. Then he decided he wanted a boat. So we started with a 28-ft MasterCraft. But we could only take 6 people out with us and EVERYBODY wanted to go, so then he traded it in and upgraded to a newer model - a 50' Sea Ray. Then we could take the whole damn neighborhood.

Course' then he decided he needed somebody on board who looked better in a bikini than I did after bearing his 4 CHILDREN! So he traded ME in and upgraded to a newer model. But we FOUGHT because I wanted that house in the Governor's Club. I designed every inch of it and it was MINE! So he kept the boat and his sports cars and I stayed in the Governors Club. Course' the kids eventually left and it was a big place to keep up by myself all those years. Then one time the kids all flew back in on the same weekend and I thought something was up. They sat me down and said, 'Mom we're worried about you all alone in this big place. Your health is getting bad, so we've got a nice assisted living home lined up for you. The BEST one in town. So I had to sell everything. Best one in town my eye. The two rooms I live in now are smaller than my master bath and dressing room was in the Governor's Club! And the food - it's awful. I swear I should give them the name of my caterer so we can eat decent - but NO I'm NEVER giving out her name. She's MY secret weapon. But it's so quiet here. Sometimes I remember my crazy old grandmother. She always used to preach at us from the bible - "don't store up for yourselves treasures on earth where moth and rust destroy".

Some days I do feel moth-eaten. Like I'm dried up and about to fade away.... But don't feel sorry for me! I HAD THE BEST HOUSE IN THE GOVERNOR'S CLUB!

Moth 1
Moth 2
Moth 3