First Cut Is The Deepest Blue

Young man, age 19 or 20. His heart is bluish with a deep gash.

I first saw her in 4th grade. Her last named ended in G and mine ended in H, so the teacher sat her right in front of me. Yeah, it pretty much was love at first sight. She was delicate. Fragile almost. I got tongue-tied around her. Or else I stuttered, which was worse. I was literally obsessed with her. For years. So in high school we started to have a few opportunities to talk, and she was just really nice. Not mean or loud, like some of the other girls. Just nice.

So after all that time I finally got my nerve up and asked her to senior prom --- and she said YES! I was so pumped. Got the tux. Went through all the motions to get ready for the big night. Had a nice car lined up to drive. I fantasized about how I might have an opportunity to finally kiss her.

And then, the day of the prom, she calls me and says she won't be going that night. Said she couldn't talk about it and she was sorry, but she couldn't go. What!? What happened? I never knew. No real explanation. Did she think I was weird, or ugly or stupid and didn't want to be seen with me? She never came back to school and didn't show up for graduation and that was the last I ever heard or saw of her.

My mom wanted to know why I was acting so blue? I couldn't tell her. They say the first cut is the deepest, and I would agree. I've never stopped thinking about her. Missing her in my mind.

Will this ever get better? Please tell me it will?
First Cut Is The Deepest Blue

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