Blue Chambers

Below is a journal entry and poem written by Annette around the time period 'Blue Chambers' was created. It was planned to be accompanied by text/testimony of a recovering addict/prostitute.

  • January 28, 2013 – Stupid Hearts Project – THESE BLUE CHAMBERS

    Funny, I was just remembering that the topic of my sixth grade science fair project was “The Human Heart”. I studied all about the atriums and ventricles and mitral valves and aortic arteries and the lungs and oxygenation. I diagrammed and drew and made a model to demonstrate the flow of blood. I obtained a sheep’s heart on the day of the fair and sliced it open and labeled all the parts with pins. I received an “A-Outstanding."

    Then, I thought, what if I kicked this whole thing off by revisiting my 6th Grade Heart Science Fair Project? NEW! Updated! “Sixth Grade HEART Science Fair Project (Revised Edition 2013)”

    Here’s where I now begin. This beginning is important to me on several levels. While I intend to take this project into symbolic visual representations of emotional states of the heart, I wanted to start really at the heart. An actual physical heart. And while I intend to utilize a multitude of mixed media in all of these representations, I wanted to start with the most basic media – pencil. This will be a pencil drawing. Mostly just plain ole graphite pencils, with some colored pencils added. I need to see if I still have my drawing chops and if I can express an abstract idea visually, in just pencil.
  • These Blue Chambers
    From a journey through thousands of miles of capillaries/of life
    I return
            of oxygen and strength
    I tumble into These Blue Chambers
            during skirmishes against viral invaders
            foes who constantly came to infect and destroy
            all ammo
            during a mighty battle against a Great Trauma
            but not quite
    My Heart is Sick
    as I tumble into These Blue Chambers
    I need to breathe.

Blue 1
Blue 2
Blue 3