Hatred's heart

I hear what you say about me when you think I'm not listening. You say I'm weird. Crazy. You talk with my mother and say "I think he has Asperger's syndrome" or "attachment disorder". You wring your hands and spin in circles about 'mental illness' versus 'environment' versus 'moral bankruptcy' and some of you even whisper about 'demons'.

I hear you. None of you know anything.

Your kids never wanted me in their groups or games. You couldn't figure me out and so you just ignored me. You made me feel invisible. Anonymous. You made me hate you all. Remember this all you Mommies and Daddies.... I'm just a genetic roll of the dice. All of you have some weird Uncle Fred way back in your family tree that nobody talks about. Maybe he went to jail. Or the loony bin. Or offed himself. But his DNA is back there, waiting to spring out like a Jack in the Box into your beautifully decorated nursery. You'll try counselors and the best schools, and a good church or a youth group. But you can't predict me and you can't fix me .... and you can't stop me.

Soon I won't be invisible or anonymous any more.

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