Middle aged man in grey pinstripe business suit

Initially, I did contract programming work for companies, which gave me time to work on my music and writing on the side, but after the first baby she was really concerned about security and being able to have a nice home in a nice neighborhood. So, I put on the suit, got a job in the industry and started going to the office every day at 8 o'clock. I didn't resent it, because I had responsibilities: there was the mortgage, then eventually a bigger mortgage, then braces, then good schools and nice vacations.

Over the years, I just went on autopilot and got pretty good at what I did. I advanced into management. Did I have to check my heart at the office door sometimes? Yep. Did I forget to retrieve it when I left the office sometimes? Maybe so. But I did what I had to do. Now she says that our marriage is in trouble because I'm "not meeting her emotional needs." Emotional needs?! I thought providing her with comfort and financial security and nice vacations and clothes and a good life for the kids - shouldn't that give a person some emotional satisfaction? Isn't that "EMOTIONALLY" comforting? I don't get it.

I did everything I thought I needed to do, and now it's not enough.

Whatever you do, don't call me heartless. I haven't played my music in over 20 years..

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